Great! What happens now?

Yes! You have a project that you're ready to get done and you've got the budget ready. What happens now? I like to keep you in the loop as much as possible. After all, I'm not the one doing all the work here. We are.

Step 1

Contract & Deposit

We've talked about your project, cleared up the expectations and cost. Now that you've agreed to the quote, it's time to sign the contract and put down a deposit.

A contract can seem like a scary thing, but really it protects both parties involved. I know you're committed to the project, and you know I will complete it for you to your satisfaction.

A deposit of at least 25% is required when the contract is signed. This covers any preliminary costs and is also nonrefundable in the event that you cancel the contract before work is completed.

Step 2

Timeline & Development

Once the contract is signed and your deposit is down, it's time to get creative. I'll draft a timeline that outlines all the expectations, checkpoints, and the deadline for the project so you know exactly when to expect proofs, revisions, and the final product.

During this time I will also conceptualize, style, and design for your project, gathering inspiration based on our discussions.

Depending on the project, you'll receive digital proofs, be allowed up to 3 revisions per proof, and once you're madly in love with the design...

Step 3

Final Production

We've settled on a design and you've given your final approval. Now it's time to make it a reality. This can mean anything from sending your files to the printer, mailing the finished copies to you, or launching and beta-testing your website until it's perfect.

Once the job is completed, you'll be required to pay the remaining balance and our contract will be fulfilled. Now we can discuss your next one!

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